Summer is OVAH! (Part 2)

Part 2 Tracklisting:

  1. Azealia Banks vs Afrojack - 212 On Acid (Tsunami's Deep Summer Bootleg) (2012)
  2. Amuka - Appreciate Me (Ton Def Bootleg) (2010)
  3. Ellie Goulding - Lights (MK Remix) (2011)
  4. NiCe7 - Space Needle (Original Mix) (2012)
  5. Zoe Badwi vs Rihanna - Release Me vs We Found Love (Joe Gauthreaux Winter Party Ultimate Mash) (2012)
  6. Mariah Carey - Triumphant (Get 'Em) (Danny Verde Club Mix) (2012)
  7. Kolombo - My Own Business (2012)
  8. X-Press 2 feat Roland Clark - Let Love Decide (Art Department Remix) (2012)
  9. Beyonce - Upgrade You (Rauhofer Reconstruction) (2012)
  10. Miguel Campbell - Something Special (Garrett & Ojelay Respec the Original Remode) (2012)
  11. The Winning Triplet feat Angie Brown - Gold Moon (Simone Cattaneo & Alex Gardini Remix) (2010)
  12. Pammin - Need Someone (Andre Crom Remix) (2012)
  13. Hot Since 82 - Knee Deep in Louise (Original Mix) (2012)
  14. Storm Queen - Look Right Through (Art Department Remix) (2012)
  15. Justin Jay - Femme Fatale (Original Mix) (2012)
  16. Wonderland Avenue - White Horse (A-One Remix) (2012)
  17. Cajmere, Russoul - Lets Dance (Original Mix) (2012)

Summer is OVAH! (Part 1)

Summer is over and DONE! Although it doesn't feel like that here in LA, I'm just gonna roll with it! Here's my September mix for you guys in 2 parts. Think of it as an 'early' and 'late' set. Thank you all for listening to my online mixes over the years. It's been truly a labor of love and although these mixes are created solely on my computer in my room, these 70+ minute snippets represent what goes on my head musically. If I had been given the proper know how, chance, and perserverance over the years, I'd be doing this LIVE for you all in a club near you! Oh well, you'll just have to settle for this. Thanks again for all of your support.

 - mike



  1. D.O.N.S. feat Terri B. - You Used To Hold Me (Avicii Remember Remix) (2008)
  2. Shakedown - At Night (Plastic Disco Remix) (2009)
  3. Heavy D - Nuttin But Luv (Hype Jones 2011 Remix) (2011)
  4. Pagano & Wayne G feat Peyton - Trapped (Soulshaker Club Mix) (2009)
  5. Eurythmics - Here Comes the Rain Again (Freemasons Remix) (2009)
  6. DJ DLG vs Rozalla - Everybody's Free (Lazor Arena Mix) (2010)
  7. Stardust vs Kid Massive - Music Sounds Better With You (Kid Massive 2011 Edit) (2011)
  8. Mobin Master feat Robin S - Show Me Love (Safari Mix) (2009)
  9. Red Carpet vs Thomas Gold - Alright (Mobin Master Bootleg) (2009)
  10. Soulsearcher - Cant Get Enough (Henrik B Remix) (2009)
  11. Scissor Sisters vs Deee-lite - Let's Have A Deeeliteful Kiki (McGowan Mashup) (2012)
  12. DJ Chus vs Madonna - An Iberican Holiday (Joe Gauthreaux Mashup) (2012)
  13. Shannon - Let the Music Play (Escape Edit) (2012)
  14. Jahkey B. feat Satta - Heart Attack (Peter Rauhofer's Particular Remix) (2004)
  15. Julio Bashmore - Au Seve (2012)
  16. Alex Kenji & NDKj ft. Marga Sol - Not That Kind Of Girl (Mike Vale Remix) (2012)
  17. Climbers - Equal Responsibility (MAM Remix) (2012)
  18. Oscar G - Back To You (DJ Chus Deep-Tech Remix) (2010)
  19. Mario Piu, Mennie - Affair (Original Mix)  (2012)
  20. Emeli Sande - Heaven (Joe Gray Tech Mix) (2011)


Ermahgerd! It's another house mix!!!

SoundCloud has been giving me grief lately and yanking my last couple of postings! I've always cross-posted to Mixcloud anyway, but I guess I'll be concentrating more on that in the future. Now, if only I could get the same number of listeners as well... More information on this mix at: http://i.mixcloud.com/CBf5FE


Set Me Free II

(Reposting this for my iTunes RSS feed)

My latest episode just got flagged on SoundCloud for 'copyrighted material' blah blah blah. Instead of re-editing it, I posted here: 




Hit me back if you like it. OH YEAH! I'm going in full force with my marathon training. So far I'm a month back in training for the big race this coming December 2012. If you like this mix (or any of my other mixes), please consider donating towards my fund raising goal for Team to End AIDS / AIDS Project Los Angeles. More information can be found at: http://bit.ly/runMIKErun2 . Thanks! :-)


Set Me Free

Here's my latest podcast! Somehow it got flagged SoundCloud so here it is for you via Mixcloud. I prefer Soundcloud because you are able to download the file and I am able to get it posted to iTunes. Oh well. If you really, REALLY want to download it, just send me a message. :-)


Slow, but sure!

I'm back to the Griffith Park training sight again with the T2 Running Group. It seems that the group is getting smaller and smaller by the week. It's week 6 in training and today it was just me and a newer person who was having a hard time on the run (even by my own slow standards) in my pace group. I essentially ran the 2nd half by myself. It's all good. I'm DEFINITELY not giving up on this!!!

 I am still more than halfway behind my minimum donations goal to qualify for the Honolulu Marathon. If you are able to contribute, please consider making a donation towards my goal! More information here:


Vogue (Kindergarten Culmination 2012)

Mr. Aurturo Avina's Kindergarten class from LAUSD Olympic Primary Center performing VOGUE.  If Mr. Arturo isn't a ghey, then I don't know what is.  LOL.  They all bettah werQ!