The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

No, it's not that Timbuk 3 song from 1986 either. Let's just say that after dropping over 2 bills for the aforementioned D&G 'shades' [DG6005's to be exact] at the Sunglass Hut the other day, I kind of had a revelation. As cheezey as it may sound, things are sort of going well for me. It's coming up to a year being here in Los Angeles. I finally have a job that I like and plan to stick with for the long run. I actually have money to buy things now that I don't really need but want. I remarkably cleaned up my room yesterday and got rid of a ton of old clothes that were literally piling up on the floor. It's just so easy to complain about things, but when do we really ever get to think about the good things in life, right? I always seem to have the knack for harping in on my weight gain and (lack of) love life. [BAD MIKE!] I've got some fierce sunglasses now. Let me go out and enjoy that California sun for a change.

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