OMG. I totally forgot about this! Yazoo (Yaz in the US) are reuniting for a tour this summer. At first I only thought it was only going to be a European only gig, but they announced a US leg last month! The group is comprised of Alison Moyet and Vince Clark (early Depeche Mode and later Erasure). Apparently they were only together for about 18 months and only had 2 albums released. Their first album was released in 1982 and called UPSTAIRS AT ERIC'S. It was one of my first LPs from my teens and was such a huge influence on me growing up. I can't wait! $67+ isn't all that bad I guess. I missed out on the advanced pre-sale on the tickets by a week and the only seats available were singles in the upper balcony midway to the back. I just bought 1 ticket because none of my friends here know who the band is and I'm sure none of them would agree to come with me and sit across the room either! Ugh, I'm old. LOL. I don't care really. They broke up almost 25 years ago! This is just something that I thought probably would have never happened ever in my lifetime. It's going to be an awesome show. Here are some videos:

Situation (acoustic)

Only You

Don't Go (live at G.A.Y.)

Nobody's Diary (The Tenth Stage Remix)

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Anonymous said...

I would SO be there with you if I were in LA! But I AM going here (well NY) instead. Yay for You and Me Both ;)! - Jamie