I'm really in my own world when it comes to music nowadays. I really have no idea what's new or not. I may be able to pick out the latest Mariah or Madonna, but new pop stars on my iTunes are very few and far between. Dance music in general is what keeps me going. I'm definitely still loving the tribal-house but without the actual clubbing experience. Just a few minutes ago I was going through a college years revisted moment with a few tracks from the Miss Saigon soundtrack for some reason. I generally spend my days (and mostly nights) searching blogs and other things finding old gems from the 80's to download. In that quest yesterday I came across the latest Cyndi Lauper album BRING YA TO THE BRINK. I think it's official US release is next week. All I can say is, "Wow!" What a pleasant surprise! It's very housey and electronic. My favorite track is something called Echo. Take a listen here. A definite must buy (yes, I actually do buy music too!). You can preorder at a huge discount through Amazon here. Thoughts?

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eguinan said...

Just listening to that track now -it's surprisingly good! I heard good things about the album in general too.

And thanks for diggin' the mixes . Nice to know I have an audience! :)