Hall of Justice?

Hall of Justice?, originally uploaded by flip4bearz.

Well, yeah. This was taken today at the Los Angeles County Courthouse in oh so lovely Compton, CA. Yep -- I had jury duty today. Actually -- I spent the majority of the morning (starting at 7:00am) waiting to around in a big room waiting to be called to be 'selected' to actually serve on a jury for a civil or criminal court case. It wasn't until about an hour after lunch that we got called into an actual courtroom to be 'proven to be totally impartial' for a particular court case taking place today. My group had over 50 people in it and they only got to interview 18 before we were let go today. Blog buddy ScottintheOC twitter'd me today, "Don't get a murder case!" Um -- I did. Everything starts back up tomorrow.

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