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What an amazing show! The place was packed and full of a lot of 30-40 somethings. Go figure! There were a lot of woofy menz too! Although I was up in the 'nosebleed seats' -- the layout of the theater wasn't bad at all. The sound, however, was less than to be desired up there. I'm sure if I were on the floor it would have been a lot different. On a fun note, right towards the end during 'Don't Go' -- Alison got carried away and lost track of the first line of the song. She totally paused and then stared at Vince who quickly stopped the track / computer / whatever. It was really cute. Some more pix and a few clips for you down below.

Oh yeah -- right when I walked into the venue, I went up to the bar and bought myself a beer. The dj was spinning 'Robert DeNiro's Waiting'! As my bartender handed me my beer, he was speaking to a coworker to his right, "Yeah, I think this is the Bangles." I said, "NO!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Bananarama!" I almost showed him my 'Rama tattoos on my legs but I held back. ;-)

Hot Merch Guy behind the table in Gray T-shirt

In My Room [snippit]

Don't Walk Away From Love [snippit]

Encore / Graphic

Only You [full]


travelling, but not in love said...

OK, I'm too jealous now. Even more jealous than before.

Looks like a great set, and that swinging lightbulb is cool!

Glad you put the barman right - the bangles indeed! hah!

travelling, but not in love said...

and I so want to see that Bananarama tattoo...