You either have to love him or hate him, but DJ Junior Vasquez has an entire set posted up on the Saint-at-Large website. Just go to their 'radio' page, they have it broken down into 5 streaming parts. Sorry, no direct downloads.

I unfortunately have not been able to experience him during his hey days at The Sound Factory and Twilo in New York City. I have, though, heard him in other places in and out of New York. There's a distinct 'New York' sound and vibe around him and it simply is NOT the same when he plays elsewhere.

Yes, he's old [as in grandpa old]! Yes, he can be moody and play all kinds of crazy shit during a night. And yes, he's been noted to pull a 'diva' act or two or three or ... a hundred! But you cannot deny the amazing artistry he pulls behind those decks in the dj booth. If you listen really carefully you can hear the layering he does with the music. His mixing of new vocal tracks with old disco tunes to tribal craziness is simply amazing! [okay, there's a few train wrecks in the mix, but for some reason, i don't care!]

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