A sunny day.

A sunny day., originally uploaded by flip4bearz.

A friend needed to borrow my pick-up truck today so we traded vehicles. Lucky for me her car was VW Cabriolet (look for the top of my shaved head in the rear view mirror)! On my way to work I decided to take the long way and just enjoy the beautiful and sunny afternoon. All in all, it was the perfect Southern California day. It's just amazing at how distracted you can get with no roof on the car. I think I want a new Jeep for myself now!


travelling, but not in love said...

Wow, a soft top on a sunny day. So cool. I hope you didn't burn your head though ;-)

Alas, no need for such luxuries here. August in the UK and it's 17degrees and raining. Officially shit weather.

Maybe you could send me a bit of your good old californian sunshine? Please? pretty please?

Mike said...

Okay. A little box o' sunshine is on it's way via FEDEX. Thanks for worrying about my burnt head. Luckily it didn't come to that. I had a nice mini tan though. You know us south east pacific islanders! ;-)

Today is even a nicer day. A little cooler in the mid 70's (mid 20's for you guys). Sorry to rub it in. LOLOLOL.

travelling, but not in love said...

You can rub it in whenever you like, Mikey ;-)

I hate people who tan easily. I'm an english rose - I go from white to red then straight back to white again. Far from ideal, really.