Yeah, if only my luggage were as 'glamorous'. I don't remember if I wrote previously but my 'presence was requested' to be back home for an impromptu family reunion back home in the east. This time back it's going to be during the Thanksgiving holiday. Of course the 'request' wasn't REALLY a request, right? (read: YOU BETTER BE THERE OR ELSE!) To make a long story short, my mom is retiring in the beginning of the next year and will be going back to the Philippines for an extended stay of sorts (at least 6 months I think). With the advent of my newborn niece and my other younger brother just graduating from college in Toronto (and now living there), she wants a new family portrait. Yayyyy!?! Mind you, I actually savor my time back home. I miss my family and friends. I just HATE traveling nowadays. Back when I used to work for the airlines, it wasn't so much of a hassle. Actually the real hassle of traveling standby was just part of the experience. Now that I actually have to PAY for it ... eh, not so much. That's also during during the height of the travel season here in the US. The flights ar expensive. The planes are going to be crowded. Weather issues are likely to be abound as well! Oh yeah, I need not forget how that particular weekend is THE BUSIEST weekend of all in the retail calendar for work. They say the sales on the Friday after Thanksgiving are the key indicators for the overall Christmas holiday shopping season. It took some effort to persuade my manager to allow me some time off that weekend. We settled on me working that actual Friday and then finding a red-eye flight out that night. Ugh. Does anyone want to contribute to the 'Mike's Holiday Travel Fund' ? I take PayPal! lol.

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