Aidswalk Los Angeles 2008 [reposted from 13 Sept].

Hey there!

I just wanted you all to know that I have registered with my fellow coworkers at Crate & Barrel for AIDS Walk Los Angeles and am very excited about the event. Back in 2001, I set out to do the AIDS Run (with the Marine Corp Marathon) in Washington, DC. I unfortunately was not able to finish my training due to the fact I was not able to make the minimum donation amount(s) to qualify for a slot in the run. As a result, I was only able to train to run up to 11 miles! This is a very important issue to me so I have set a modest fund raising goal this time around. I will definitely be able to finish the 10K walk regardless, but I want to do as much as I can to make a difference in the lives of men, women, and children affected by HIV and AIDS. Even though there has been a lot of publicity about drug treatments which are prolonging some people's lives, they don't work for everyone and there is still no cure in sight. Moreover, young people are still getting infected at alarmingly high rates.

I want your help. My company is matching the efforts of our local team. Will you please sponsor me for the AIDS Walk? Just click on the link below to enter my personalized web page and charge your donation. Thank you, in advance, for supporting this important cause and for showing that you join me in wanting to end this epidemic.

- mike

Click Here to Donate


travelling, but not in love said...

Hey Mike....good luck with the walk...sounds like it will be fun!

Sorry, I've not been round much recently - been kind of busy with being in the Uk and general stuff. Anyway, back now and hopefully more regular too!

I forgot you work at C and B. I bought some rimming sugar at a branch in Chicago once as a gift for a friend. Turns out it was meant for cocktail glasses....

Mike said...

You are TOOOO much! LOLOLOL. Thanks for the encouragement. :-)

Mike said...

enda / tbnil --

thanks for your donations! funny how my blog readers from the other side of the world have responded and given money, yet none of my personal friends have given any yet! i guess i need new friends!! j/k. LOL.

nicole said...

Hey Mike!

I just did the AIDS Walk in DC with my church's LGBT group on this past Saturday :) It was soo great to see so many people come out and put their feet down in this fight against HIV/AIDS. Did you know that 1 in 20 adults in DC has HIV? - I was particularly impressed with the number of Howard University kids who came out to walk and volunteer. - So yes, I'll send you a donation!

Mike said...

Thanks Nic!

Miss you!!! I'm coming back home the week AFTER Thanksgiving. Hopefully we can catch up then. :-)

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