Do you want it right now?

Yes kids, it's another mix for ya! Yup -- looks like I'm on a roll with a new little obsession du jour. This time it's some old and (possibly) forgotten house choonz from back in the day. It took me a couple of hours to do and I'm actually getting a good feel of this MIXMEISTER program. After the fact, it really is kind of easy to put one of these mixes together. Linking tracks together in a way that doesn't make you want to fall down and trip on the curb is another story! Train wrecks are NOT pretty honey! The one big thing that I'm getting out of this little 'practice and learning' session is that some songs are simply NOT meant to mix together -- no matter how you push, shove, squeeze, and tweak them! LOL.

(note: Enda - after making this mix I totally just noticed that I bit off 2 tracks you used on your 'Even More Unacceptable in the 80's' mix. I swear it wasn't intentional. Great minds think alike I suppose! LOL. Anyway, I just downloaded it today while I was making this mix and I'm LOVING it!)

Mike's 2nd Mix (House)
Situation (Hercules and Love Affair Mix) - Yazoo
Move Your Body - Xpansions
Big Fun (Simian Mobile Disco Mix) - Kevin Saunderson feat. Inner City
Passion (Do You Want it Right Now Mix) - Gat Decor
Hideaway (Dubfire Needs to Score Mix) - De'Lacey
Crazy Cool (Deep Dish Crazy Cool Club Mix) - Paula Abdul
Ultra Flava (Grant Nelson's 3-tier Experience) - Heller & Farley Project
Stinkin' Thinkin' (Junior Style) - Happy Mondays
Muzik X-Press - X-Press 2
Big Time Sensuality (Dom T. - Big Time Club Mix) - Bjork


eguinan said...

Another one! You are spoiling us, sir! :)

It's great fun, though, isn't it? Your enthusiasm is inspiring me to do another one soon!

(PS: thanks for the Eurythmics link :) )

eguinan said...

Hey Mike,

I'm having problems downloading the 2nd mix :( I've tried in a couple of different browsers to no avail. Any suggestions?


Mike said...

It's a SMALLER file too! How funny is that? Eh sometimes Mediafire flakes out. Here's a link using DivShare again ...


eguinan said...

Whee! Now you're really flying! Some really great transitions there. My god, if you're this good after just two mixes, what will you be like after 10?