Flashback(ed) .

God knows that I'm a sucker for infectious cheesy pop music, but this was quite a pleasant surprise to come upon today. In a definite homage to the Stock / Aitken / Waterman Hit Factory, the Danish pop group Alphabeat have a new song called 'Boyfriend'. The video below features a certain remix that harks back to a much loved Bananarama song that brings sweet memories of my pre-college youth. [sigh.]


travelling, but not in love said...

I like it. Both songs in fact. Fabulous.

And how cool were those girls? All the boys at my school were into Fun Boy Three and I got loads of shit for being the only boy who preferred their female rivals - Bananarama.

I didn't care - I wanted to be Siobhan Fahey... ;-)

eguinan said...

You know PWL's engineer, Pete Hammond, is responsible right?

{have a look around the net for the Hammond mix - or give me a shout if you have no luck finding it ;) )

Mike said...

@enda -- oh yes indeed! that synth riff was a total giveaway! LOL.