Remembering 9/11.

Seven years ago today, I was on my way to the 3rd day of training for a new job. I was so excited at the time because it was going to be with a new start-up airline called JetBlue Airways. The station was set to open up later in the month and the training classes were held near Washington-Dulles Airport (IAD) which was over an hour's drive from my home in Maryland. Since I listened to my cd player on the way, I didn't find out about what happened in New York until I arrived in the classroom. As I walked in, I wondered what was going on. Everyone was just huddled over the TV set watching the news reports of the collisions and crashes. The instructors were frantically checking their blackberries and trying to call through on their cell phones to their families and the home office which was also in New York. The phone lines were jammed. Everyone was at a loss and just tried to carry on with the day the best we could. We even ventured off to the airport to try to get our ID badges done. The airport was crazy and within minutes after our arrival it was shut down and evacuated. I find out later that day the American Airlines plane that crashed into the ground left from IAD. In the weeks that followed this day, it was unsure what was to become of us and our jobs. We actually went through and finished our training and at the last minute we were told that the opening of the IAD station was going to be delayed about another month. Relieved to know that we still had jobs, it was definitely a rough time for everyone. Needless to say, we all moved on and I stayed with the company for almost 5 years...

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