Want some tribal for ya nerves? Yes? No? Whatever you say -- YOU'RE GONNA GET SOME! Ha! I felt inspired to practice a little bit more with my ongoing mixing project. This time, today's installment is my take on Tribal House and all of it's little flavors. Out of all of mixes that I've done so far, this one was probably the hardest for me in terms of song selection. It's more than just the thumpity-thump and the pots n' pans ya know! In all honesty, I've just been out of the loop from clubland these past couple of years. I think LA has mellowed me out ... in a good way. No more weekend long marathons starting Thursday night and lasting until Monday morning. Yep -- I was one of THOSE kinds of clubbers. Those were some crazy times back in the day - 2 years ago! LOL. Seriously, though, you probably really needed to be on drugs to actually listen to this stuff, but I still have an appreciation for it. To me, tribal house just allows you to find that right not so fast groove that you can just get lost in.

Anyway -- this is a long one clocking in just a little under 90 minutes. Like all of my other mixes, I put in a good assortment of old and new tracks. Oh yeah -- because Blogger is now complying big time now with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), I'm not posting anything regarding specific track listings, artists, or direct links for tracks here. A lot of my favorite music blogs are shutting down now because of random post deletions! With that aside, if you want to hear my latest mix just head on over to my Mediafire folder. The tracklistings are listed separately in my MySpace blog. All links are located over to the right ... tell me what you think.

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