As I mentioned earlier, a previous entry was deleted by Blogger because "certain content in my blog infringes upon the copyrights of others" as per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. I was sort of joking about it when I first found out this morning, but now at the end of the day, I'm just a bit annoyed. It's not like I was selling the music for personal profit or anything. Also, the mere fact that I altered the original mp3's into one continuous file sort of changes things altogether, right? Meh -- whatever. So as not to ruin the flow of my blog, I'll just relegate my 'DJ Mike' series to mere mentions here. I don't want to be cryptic about my efforts and have to change the spellings and things of artists and tracks just to ward of those everpresent corporate search bots!

For those of you who REALLY want to hear what I do as I learn the basics of dj mixing, you can see the tracklistings over at my MyS pace blog. All files will be posted in my Media fire folder. You can find all necessary links over to the right...

~~ now back to your regularly scheduled program ~~

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