Burning Up.

No, it's not the early Madonna song from 1983. It's southern California! Well, parts of Orange County at least. The pic above was taken near my house at the corner of Century Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard around 4:00pm. It WAS sunny a clear a while ago. A friend down on Long Beach (on the way to Orange County) texted me that smoke was filling the air and that ashes were falling. I told him to think of it as California 'snow'. He wasn't amused. The area where I live is complete urban sprawl. I'm pretty much safe from burning down and things. I just hope things work out okay for those affected by the fires.

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travelling, but not in love said...

it's all a bit scary, no? At least in paris there's no chance of wildfires. Unless it's a drunk who has dropped his cigarette on his alcohol soaked self...yuk.