Flip4bearz Podcast.

Okay, I'm finally done. Just click on the screenshot above to go to my new podcast webpage. Yep -- I've posted my mixes up in a podcast!!! You can subscribe via iTunes and/or RSS feed. As you know, I had a little drama a while back with posting music for download directly from here. Hopefully this will help in cutting down on the never ending crossposting, etc. I have finally upgraded from the non trial version of Mixmeister. So no more intermittent voiceprint reminders. Yayyy! Right now there are 5 mixes to choose from. I'll definitely be playing around with this a lot more so stay tuned. Maybe in a few months I'll invest in an actual midi-controller and actually work things out like a 'real' dj! LOL. In anycase, hopefully I can get some downloads and comments back. Tell me what you think. :-)

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