Merry Christmas to ... ME.

The above is a handwritten invoice for some MAJOR repairs on the pick-up truck I drive. A celebration is in order ... NOT! Ugh, what a major bummer to have to go through during this time of year. This is something I was totally not prepared for. Oh well -- there's a long back story on why I'm driving this particular vehicle when it isn't actually mine. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice to say, since I'm using it, I need to take care of it, right? God bless my parents for giving me some money to help pay this off. Sad, but true. Is anyone 'really' too old to get handouts from your parents???


riviera view said...

I still get handouts on occasion, and I'm older than you are! For instance, my dad offered to pony up for my new prescription glasses this month. It's his Christmas present to me but still he's definitely going above and beyond. hmmm...I love my dad. He's the best! :)

ScottInTheOC said...

No....you are never too old. My parents don't give often, but when they do, I am sooo appreciative.

I have a weird relationship with cars. Most of the cars I have owned in my life were handme downs from the 'rents. Somehow I always forget to take care of them - like put oil in them and change the tires.

I might be needing an "infusion" too, to fix my ride.

So when are we meeting??