My road-trip mix tape.

Forget the fact that you can just hit 'random' on your iPod nowadays. Music is just way too accessible today. So if ever I were put in the situation to make up a playlist for a road-trip -- I think my brain might explode. It was was always a fun thing for me to make 'mix-tape's for my friends back in the day. It was always such a meticulous process for me to pick the right song(s) for each of my friends. It's all about that proverbial journey, right? If you kind of think about it ... that's how I approach my method of making my hour-long club dj mixes today.

When put to the task of naming just 3 songs, it took me a while to make up my mind. I had to take out my regular fare of 'klink-klank' pots and pans house music that I usually listen to to help me narrow things down a little bit. I guess real songs will have to do for this exercise! lol.

Wow by Kylie Minogue

I just love it. Everyone just knows that I'm a pop-music sucker. Kylie is sooo under appreciated here in the US.

Be Near Me by ABC

This came out when I was still in high school and is permanently imprinted in my mind because of the cool "groovy" video. It's funny how great pop songs are actually kinda sad. <3

Handle Me by Robyn

Robyn is probably the only artist I've actually made it a point to follow this past year. She's great live and this particular song is just so SASSY!

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