The Gunslinger.

Easter holiday + Ten Commandments = (Cowboy x Bald head+Yul Brenner) / Westworld

Yes, I actually had a thought process like the formula above.  Is it wrong to be obsessing about a dead, bald  headed, gun slinging cowboy actor with cool silver contacts in his eyes?!?  I have no idea why I've been obsessing about the movie Westworld .  Literally the formula above went through my mind a few weeks ago.  I even bumped the title to the top of my Netflix queue last week to see it once again.  Originally released in 1973, I remember seeing this movie on tv as a child in the mid-70's.  The idea of an adult theme park where you pay to have your fantasies fulfilled in utter reality was so cool.  Think Disney World in Orlando on steroids.  The best scenes for me are the fembot face pull off's and the pilot guy with the mirrored aviator sunglasses in the hovercraft.  Wow,  I was such a sci-fi geek even back then!  (Oh, don't get me even started with Logan's Run .  LOL).


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