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I attended the taping of the final showdown of American Idol today! It was held at the beautiful Nokia Theater in downtown LA's LA LIVE campus. Just seeing Adam and Kris on TV does not do their voices justice. They are both amazing live performers regardless of what style you call their singing. I would have posted / tweeted some pictures but cameras and phones weren't allowed. The logistics of where we parked the car to the waiting line to the theater itself were a big ol' pain so we just decided to leave the camera phones in the car. As for the show itself , it was definitely taped LIVE as it started promptly at 5:00 PST [8:00 EST]. Paula's green outfit tonight was a full length gown that looked fierce as she was introduced on the stage before the show.  Lastly, the best handmade sign seen in the audience was held up by a girl that said,

"ADAM -- can I be your EVE?"

(Awwww, bless her heart. LOL.)

***People always ask how I get to see things like this. It's not like I actually pay money to see television tapings. Studio tapings are generally free and tickets are available for the asking really. I guess you can just consider it a little perk of living in the Los Angeles area. It's just when shows are popular things get a little more complicated. I've been getting a lot of DANCING WITH THE STARS opportunities the past couple of weeks but those have been coming in on the DAY OF TAPING ~ not so convenient. In the case of today's IDOL taping, I put myself on the waiting list LAST season and just got a ticket availability confirmation by email this past Friday! As for the ELLEN holiday giveaway show earlier this year -- that was just pure luck!


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travelling, but not in love said...

Too cool. I got to a taping in LA once...it was weird ass chat show and the 'star guest' was Christina Applegate...woo-hoo!