Mail call.

Look what I found on my doorstep earlier this week:

I got me a new little toy ... that I have no idea how to really use yet!  LOL.  It's called a MixMeister Control .  And what is THAT you may ask???  Well it's basically a console unit that is an extension of the DJ sequencing program that I use.  Since I have been playing around with MixMeister Fusion since November, I thought I would take it to the next level and try to learn how to play 'live' so to speak.

Now for all of you DJ purists out there - don't be hating on me for taking the so called easy way out.  Sure, I'm not physically playing with a left and right turntable / CD deck and mixer, but I've tried it many times on my own and failed miserably.  Aside from not being in the financial ability to invest in such equipment right now, my patience level is simply not there to really learn it again at my age.  Phooey on me I guess.

Anyways ... I thought about taking the MixMeister route because of it's radical approach to the whole concept.  It is a sequencing program in that it lays music tracks down in a time-line where you work one step ahead of what's actually playing (as if I were actually in the studio).  The 'mixing' part comes in where you decide on how / when / where you place the tracks in the said time-line.  The best part is that the program allows you to make pinpoint mixes and even RE-mixes on the fly with the ability to cut, paste, and sample on the fly and at anytime.  I like that the control unit is pretty much an exact representation of the mixing program but in physical form ~~ so no more hunching down and playing with the mouse and keyboard.  Where will this take me???  Who knows -- give me a little while and I will update you on my progress.  We'll see where this takes me in the next 5 months or so.  In the meantime, I'm still making mixes.  You can hear them on my podcast widget to the right.


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eguinan said...

Ooh! Toys! You better keep us posted on your progress, especially as I might take the leap into the physical myself.