Top UP or DOWN?

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Do you like??? I forgot to tell ya'll that I got a new (old) car last week. It's a 1996 VW Cabrio that's in pretty great condition, but needs a little work here and there.  Ever since I got first got my driver's license [back in 1984, yikes] I have always wanted one of these.  Back then, I was always discouraged by my choice because it was stereotypically a "girlie" car. Heaven forbid it be a RED one! Oh well -- f*ck it. I'm too old to be thinking about what other people think. Ha!  Luckily for me, everything just aligned up right and this pretty much just landed in my lap with a bow on it ... sorta.  For the past couple of years, I've been 'borrowing' a pickup truck that belongs to some relatives.  I think the push to get this thing was a big nudge on their part.  I'll spare you the details, but what I will tell you is that on the first day I drove it with the top down I burned my big ol' coconut knucklehead from the crazy California sunshine!  For now on, I will always have one of my Kangol caps in the trunk just in case!

For the last decade or so, I  have sort of prided myself of being a self sufficient, public transportation riding, city boy.  Regardless of what city it was, I just didn't want the hassle of having to DRIVE to work everyday.  Fast forward to NOW, the thought of NOT driving is just something not possible for living in the Los Angeles area.  It's urban sprawl run amok really and not so cute in most places.  Driving on the 101 freeway at night, however, with the top down on a clear night is most definitely CUTE!  I love my new (old) car!  :-)



Riviera View said...

adorable! when do we get to take it around the block for a spin?

Mike said...

whenever you want! just give me a holler! ;-)

Bryon said...

Werk! I bet it goes fast being red and all!