It's been a while since I have mentioned some new music on my podcast. It's becoming progressively harder and harder for me to put these out although I try to post 1 or 2 a week. The only real way for me to find new music is to scour the music blogs. Since I don't go to the bars and clubs anymore, I just don't really know what's REALLY *hot* these days. I dunno -- I guess I just need to get out more, huh? At the risk of being really trite, "That's a lot easier said than done." I have issues. ANYWHOooooooo. LOL.

There's maybe a months worth of new episodes for you to listen to. If you like 'house choonz' just click on the the player above. For further information, click on the podOmatic logo on the bottom right of the player to take you straight to my podcast page. You can also download full episodes from the iTunes store. Just search 'flip4bearz'. Tell me what you think. Tell others too! :-)


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