Tears dry on their own.

My friend Alixe at work asked if I was going to blog about the passing of some famous people this week. I said to her, "No." but that was earlier today. LOL. It is indeed sad to hear about people dying ... most especially if they are celebs where you almost feel like you actually know them. In MJ's case, I literally grew up with him and his music in the 70's and 80's. It's just unfortunate that his KRAZINESS in recent years overshadowed his musical talent. What's even more sad is that it has taken his passing for everyone to remember what a great artist he was. Oh well.

The only reason I posted the video above is simply to ask what if... Believe it or not, this song has been on constant rotation on the MUZAK at work for the last 2-1/2 years! I actually dig it so I'm not really complaining (Kylie's WOW is on it too!). Anyway, I'm just NOW seeing this video. Look carefully at all of the drag queens and shirtless trade. Just a slice of life on any given day on Hollywood Boulevard, right? After a little more invsestigating ... it was directed by David LaChapelle. Ahhhhhh. No wonder. LOL.


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