5 things I can't do without for a year.

If there isn't one thing that has kept me sane these past few years, it's got to be my (virtual) music collection. I'm more than obsessed with it. In my youth it would have been my records and cds, but these are different times, right??? Meanwhile, don't get me started with my id-tagging frenzy. LOL.

Google Reader
Yep, it's my daily ritual of trolling the blogs to find music to download for my iTunes. Of course I BUY the music too ... erm, eventually. Other than looking for music, I just get my daily fill of BLOGS in general from personal to gossip to fashion, etc. I think I scan over 200 blogs in one way or another.

It's all about finding out what your friends (known or NOT) are doing at any given moment, what they're eating, where they're going, what color their socks are .... I JUST NEED TO KNOW, ALRIGHT?

Cuz you gotta wear shades. Duh.

It's an asian thing. Trust me.

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