Catching up (again).

(Ketchup ... get it?!?)

I have so many things to talk about but nothing much really to say... Got writer's block much? Aside from not making any sense as well, this summer has proven to be such a big roller coaster ride for me. First off, the job transfer / promotion that I was vying for didn't come through as I was hoping for. I was hoping to be moved back home on the east coast by now but due to the current economic climate, I was passed over by some local candidates. (That's the answer they gave me at least.) Am I bitter? Yes, slightly, but short of quitting, what can I do, right?

I actually went OUT last weekend. Believe it or not, I actually went out and about in the big city to enjoy the musical stylings of MURK (Oscar G. and Ralph Falcon). The kicker is that I actually went out by myself...to a straight club at that! What?!? It was the first time in over a year that I've been to a club in LA. Come to think of it, it was the first time I've actually gone clubbing at all since my trip back home to DC/NY this past December! I'm not sure what really prompted me to go. I just had that 'itch' I guess. It was fun, albeit short. Gone are the days of my marathon weekends, so my timing was a bit off. I didn't get 'rolling' out of the house until after 1:00am. By the time I got to the club, I only got to catch the tail end of MURK's set. Back in the day, the headliner was always on last. Oh well -- what I did hear was great. I ended up staying until 5:00am and headed on home. Mind you, I had to work later that afternoon at 3:00pm. We had inventory at the store that day --- trust me, it wasn't cute. Also paying $35 for a club night out wasn't cute either. It most especially wasn't cute when I missed buying the $15.00 pre-sale by a few minutes online! Ugh.

I've become much more of a TV-holic nowadays more than ever before. I scored some tickets to the season finale of SO YOU CAN THINK YOU CAN DANCE. As you know -- TV show audience tickets are generally free. Ticket requests are basically available when they're available. For this particular show, I applied for them last year! The same goes for AMERICAN IDOL too. The regular tapings have limited audiences and because of their popularity, I only got called in for the BIG ROOMS. This particular taping was held at the famous Kodak Theater in Hollywood where the Oscars are broadcast from. It was amazing. We had drama, though, trying to get in. I had a specific call time to fall in line and apparently I was directed to the wrong line. By the time I finally got to the correct line, they cut me off by like 5 people!!! I had to then wait for standby seats. A few hours later in a mass of 3000+ people later, we finally got in. You can see pix from our seats here. Oh yeah -- when they tell you that a show is LIVE on TV ... it doesn't necessarily mean that it's broadcast live! The taping I went to was recorded the day BEFORE it was broadcast. I know for a fact that the finale for IDOL was, but this particular one was not. We were there in the theater for over 3 hours and the show was edited down to 2 hours.

Nothing much else to say except that I'm just gearing up to go to my baby brother's wedding in Toronto the first week of September. My passport renewal finally came in this week. I kind of put it off until the last minute. Luckily for me, the normal 4-6 week processing time only took a little over 3 weeks to complete. I'm poor so I'm totally going BUDGET on this trip. I will be using buddy passes from an old co-worker from the airline I used to work for. That means that I will be flying standby LAX-JFK-BUF and then taking the bus to Toronto. Glamorous, eh?


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