It's almost over.

My vacation is almost over, that is. (I'm typing this at a Starbucks on my phone so my apologies in advance for any errors, ok???)  The little bro is off and married and currently on honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. I was able to visit my best friend, Jay, in New York City. I even got to squeeze in a couple of days back home in Maryland to visit the folks (as if spending the whole week already up in Toronto wasn't enough! Lol.).  I did a lot of the way on the east coast via bus. Most people probably wouldn't have a lot of patience traveling over 10 hours from Toronto to NYC, but I decided to save my wallet a lot of money for the unexpected side trip down the coast. It was actually quite pretty anyway and the only thing that I really lost was just my time. That's what vacations are for anyway, right??? That and all of the battery power on my phone taking pictures and cross-posting mobile internet location updates on the dozen or so social networks I actively participate in. Exciting life, eh? (That's the obligatory tourist to Canada reference I had to stick in there! LOL.) Anyway ... that's it for now. Although I start my flying back home to LA tomorrow, I'm off until Saturday so you may never know what will happen!

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