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These damned dark circles under my eyes have been the bane of my existence for years now. I really can't do anything about them short of going to getting plastic surgery done. Eye creams really don't work. But then again, I guess I have to constantly use them on a regular basis for them to really work I suppose. Someone told me to try a certain ointment there. Um -- it didn't work. LOL. In all reality, it's pretty much due to my "unique" sleeping habits (or lack thereof). Sleep apnea is something that I've only recently been diagnosed with (as mentioned here last week). Over the years I've just kind of dealt with it. Unfortunately, it has significantly affected me in recent times to the point where I simply cannot have a full night's sleep. I think I only average about 3-4 hours until I actually wake up for one reason or another (ie snore myself awake, etc.). Last year I was prescribed the use of a C-PAP machine to help remind my body to breath at night. The whole Darth Vader effect with mask and hose on my face is quite glamorous ya know. Anyway, I simply just end up waking up more with a blast of air in my face and feeling like I'm suffocating. Not cute. Hopefully, after my return visit to my specialist next week, I will finally be able to schedule the necessary procedures to get 'fixed'! Ahhh -- to be able to sleep soundly again. Sigh.

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