Here's a new mix for the week! For some reason I'm not getting as many hits on my Mixcloud page the past couple of weeks. I've listened to this a couple of times already and think it's one of my best ever! Hopefully you think so too.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Mike!

I'm streaming your mix right now and it's really superb (there's always room for Agnes lol).

I've two issues with Mixcloud. I'd prefer to download the mix and listen to it away from the Mac. the other think is the occasional gaps when streaming - I can't have lil' glitches when Flip4bearz is soundtracking my party! That said, Mixcloud does have a lot of positives.

Anyway, keep werQing it out in '10 - whatever platform you use! x

Mike said...

thanks for the gread feedback AND for the re-posting on facebook enda! i always cross-post my mixes with my pod-o-matic account/iTunes rss feed. if there's ever a mix that you would like to download in it's entirety -- just do a search for FLIP4BEARZ in the iTunes store. ;-)

as for mixcloud -- i just like the UI. soundcloud (1) isn't free; (2) is kind of clunky to work with.

Anonymous said...

I forgot pod-o-matic. I found that a bit cumbersome and I could never get the bloody widgets to work!

PS: The bf also said your mix was fantastic. So, a thumbs up from the seasoned London clubber!