In the mix.

From Pic a day
I just finished a new music mix compilation / dj set which will be posted soon. I find it kind of funny that I shudder a bit when referring to the term 'dj' and the stuff that I produce. You see, I'm not actually a performing dj in the sense of playing live with 2 turntables and a mixing console. It's totally a computer desktop effort that I started doing last year. I was always a big music fan and have the thousands of records and cd's to prove it. There were instances where I tried to actually learn beatmixing with records back in the day but I simply didn't have the patience, money, or resources to invest in the proper equipment to do so. People used to joke with me as being a total dj whore or booth bitch. I prefer to simply call it "being a fan" but whatevs. LOL. Fast forward to today, technology conveniently puts it all into reach for me. Over the past year, I've made great efforts to really learn how songs are broken down and where transitions should happen. It's definitely more than figuring out how to mix one song to another. The art is really WHAT you play and then HOW you do it. From the recent feedback I've been getting about my little 'productions', I think people liking how I've progressed. One of these days, hopefully I can consider myself a real dj. I may be approaching it in a non-traditional and somewhat backwards way, but I'll get there. :-)

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