Still sick?

From Pic a day
So about a month ago I visited this same office (my ear, nose, and throat doctor/specialist) to check out some issues I've been having with my sleeping, breathing, lack-of breathing at night... Yeah, I have sleep apnea among other things. My sleeping habits in the past few years have slowly gotten worse. On any given night, I will probably wake up once or twice in 3-4 hour intervals. Other than just being overweight apparently there are even more complications. Something about a deviated septum and an over enlarged tonsil. Oh yeah, I have the sexy habit of snoring too. Lucky me. I thought we were going to discuss the impending and highly SUGGESTED operation to have these things fixed. Unfortunately, I seem to have picked up some kind of infection that literally started the first time I visited this doctor. (Who would've thought you could get sick in an office full of other sick people?!?) Anyway -- because of all of my current congestion and the like, I couldn't get a CT scan of my head to really see the severity of it all. Yuck -- gagging on your phlegm is sooooo NOT cute. I got some new meds today -- they better WERQ! I go back in 2 weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to find out what's really up with me.

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