Writers block.

If you haven't noticed lately, I've been posting more than normal. Actually, I've been posting A LOT. Whether or not you may find it interesting is another story, but I digress. I've come across a couple of new websites that may help my fellow bloggers out there with some ideas to write your posts on.

Plinky is a great sight that posts a daily question for you to answer.  It integrates well with Blogger as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Skribit is another sight that I just found today.  It's very similar to Plinky but this is based around what other subscribers are talking about and the popularity of a certain topic.  What makes this even more dynamic is that you can install a widget on your blog where your readers can submit topics for you.

I'm going to play around with both of these more so watch out for even more random nothings from me.  ;-)

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