So, is this what it means when you turn 40, everything just goes downhill???  Yep, the pics above were taking at the emergency room.  Somehow, I couldn't walk this morning.  If felt as if I sprained my ankle or something.  It hurt like hell!  After I hobbled into work this morning looking like Gimpy McGimp-Limp, Katie said I should just  go check it out at the ER.  Luckily it wasn't that busy and after a couple of x-rays and 2 hours later, I've come to learn that I have plantar fasciitis.    Apparently it has to do with me working all day on my feet, (possibly) wearing the wrong shoes, and being overweight.  Ugh, I'm fat.  I KNOW IT ALREADY.  Sigh.  I go see a podiatrist later this week...


Anonymous said...

Oh dear!

I hope you are back on your feet (tsh-boom) shortly..


Mike said...

thanks enda! three days later...i am, sort of.