It's day 6 of my vacation here in good ol' Bowie, MD.  I'm at the parents' house just waiting for everyone to get up.  I'm still on west coast time but it's already 9:00am here!!!  Gee -- don't people work around here? Oh wait -- they're retired.  LOL.  Anyway -- it was a whirlwind weekend with the ENTIRE family in town to celebrate my little neice's 2nd birthday.  It was also family portrait day this past Friday.  My baby brother and his new wife came down from Toronto to take part in all the "fun".  Believe it or not, I also survived an entire day at church this past Sunday!  Anyway -- it's time to hang out with all of my friends now until next Tuesday when I fly back to LA.  The only bummer is that none of my friends are responding to me.  Hmmph.  Oh well, time to mow the lawn.  WHAT?!?  Long story.....

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