Live Aid.

(from Wicked Gay Blog)

It's hard to believe that 25 years ago today LIVE AID happened. I remember it clearly because I was stuck with my family on the return leg of a cross-country road trip from Los Angeles. My family had a 'thing' for doing stuff like this. Somehow we made the trip in 3 days going west and just a little bit longer coming back east. Trust me, it wasn't cute by the beginning of day 3. We won't discuss the rest stop whore baths in New Mexico. ANYWAY, because of the 2 family conversion van caravan we had going on with my cousins, I missed the original telecast. I was devasted. I TRULY WAS. LOL. I remember seeing clips of it here and there on TV after the fact, but in a time before DVR's it wasn't until many, many years that I've been able to see it in it's entirety.

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