Jeremy Scott Instinct Hi (Sun / Black).

Um, I just dropped $170 on these suckers from eBay.  Actually they were 'only' $159 + $10 shipping with no tax.  The actual retail is $180, but they were sold out in my size on adidas.com.  These are about to sell out and the various sneaker freak websites are selling them for $200+ now.  Bargain, right?  Also, compared to the other styles out there, these are quite tame!  (I'm rationalizing here...just go with me on this!  LOL).  More pics here.

**addendum - I got 'em and they were too small!  They were size 12 at that!  Either my feet have grown significantly in the last year or shoes are just made too small nowadays.  Either way, 12-1/2's aren't available so I just returned them.  *sigh*  It just wasn't meant to be.  I'm sure my wallet appreciates it.  ;-)

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