How many hundred?

Well, 3 of course. More specifically, 300 (the movie), that is. Yes, I succombed to the all time gay softcore movie event of 2007. I just purchased the 2-disc widescreen edition of the DVD just relased this week I believe. Can you say, "Gerard Butler is 'phoyn'!" LOL. His Scottish accent is just so sexy! I remember first seeing this while back home visiting in DC this past March. I saw the midnight movie with my 2 brothers and cousin as a matter of fact. All the while lusting after the characters, it was just a little too surreal. Anyway -- fast forward a few weeks back here in LA. I just HAD to see this masterpiece on the IMAX screen. There were just a few fight scenes that I needed to see on a 3-story screen again. To make sure they got the 'historical' facts correct of course! Erm, yeah. That's it. ;-)

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