Friday night (on Saturday).

What? LOL. Last night (Friday), I went to the Hermosa Beach Comedy and Magic Club with my friend Veronica from work. We saw Rex Navarrete - a Filipino-American comic. It was a blast. There were a couple of other "Flip" comics opening up for him too. It was an overabundance of Filipino-ness in the room to say the least. He talked a lot about growing up Filipino in the bay area and how his life in America was such an interesting experience. Growing up in the east coast during the 70's and 80's was most definitely most 'interesting' for me too! Living here in the South Bay of LA and even in Oakland a few years ago, I've come to realize that Flips on the west coast had it a whole lot better! Asians are EVERYWHERE here! It's all about being able to eat rice and fried pork at the corner store. I'm just sayin..... ;-)

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