During my Dim Sum escapade this past weekend in Chinatown, I found a (not-so) new Sanrio character. Pandapple! It's a panda bear with a red beret that looks like the top of an apple. OMG. Too cute.

During my short stint living the the SF bay area, I remember seeing a hot muscle daddy type wearing a REALLY tight hello kitty tank at the Castro Street Fair. I think I will take it upon myself to perpetuate the asian stereotype a sport a similar fashion but with Pandapple. Now I guess I actually have to use that gym membership I bought last week, huh?


scott m said...

So do I have to perpetuate the asian look too?? Shall it be a Sanrio character or some Japanese Manga character... so many to choose from! :) As for the gym membership, at least you have a gyn membership...I need one.

Mike said...

Yes, Sanrio all the way (and you better werQ it out too)! LOL.

Jeff in MD said...

Ok, we want to see pics of this :p