Yes Ma'am, Pam!

I'm going on vacation in a couple of days back home to Washington, DC. You just don't know how excited I am! I'm currently just trying to tie up loose ends here before I go (getting errands done, etc.). Although it's only going to be for a week, I just want to make sure I don't come to a mess, ya know???

Work is always on an up and down scale for me. Currently, I'm just a little bit over it all. I work too hard and just don't get enough finacially back. (Saving money and actually making efforts to get myself moving on is a whole other story! LOL.) In the past couple of weeks I've been entertaining the idea of moving back to the east coast. There was a position open (the same one I currently have) in one of the DC area stores that I actually had paperwork initiated for the transfer process. I came back with the position already being filled internally on their end. After I got that discussion with my boss, reality set in and I gave up almost immediately. Why would I rationally transfer to a lateral position across the country WITHOUT relocation assistance?!? I just miss home I guess.

Weather is getting HOT over here. This past weekend it was supper sunny and into the 90's on both days. Since I live near the beaches, the heat really isn't all that bad. I had to put together some furniture pieces at work today and I did the assembly outside on the loading dock. Everyone kept saying, "How could you work out here in the HEAT?" I was like ... "What heat?" It felt quite a bit warm, but I wasn't dying from the 'sweltering' temps or anything. After the fact, I realized that after growing up on the east coast and living in the Philippines for a few years, I actually knew what humidity + heat felt like. These kids here are spoiled and don't know what they're talking about! LOL.

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