Brother knows best?

I just came across this article regarding the new tell all book by Christopher Ciccone ... Madonna's brother. All I can say is, "Wow!" This is juicy and definitely going to be a must-buy for me. And this is coming from someone who can't [ erm, doesn't have patience to ] read books!!! On one hand, it might just appear to be rants of a spoiled brat, but I kind of felt sorry for him.

I was actually having a discussion about Madonna today at lunch with a coworker. I said to my friend that she's elevated to a point to where she's just 'out of reach' for me now. Take a look at her upcoming STICKY AND SWEET TOUR this fall. The cheap-o seats here for her LA show were going for $55-$95. That's for upper-upper level at Dodger Stadium! Unfortunately, that level is already sold out. There are tickets still available but they are going for the 2 upper ticketing tiers at $165 and $350. Both of which are most definitely out of my price range. I previously wrote about my first ever concert experience with her here. Let me tell you -- seeing a show in an open air sports stadium is NOT cute at all. Most especially when you're in the nosebleed seats. I was kind of excited back in May. Now... well, thanks, but no thanks.


JamesOsani said...

I'm reading Christopher Ciccone's book now but it's not a tell-all rag but rather a memoir. I think he is being fair and not writing out of anger in spite of some of the insensitive things that Madonna has done to him. It's actually the best bio on Madonna because Christopher was really there (unlike most biographers) and has been there from the beginning of his sister's career. Madonna is a real piece of work I tell you.

Mike said...

OMG -- yes! i totally agree with you. i picked up the book a couple of days ago. it's great!