Sunday afternoon.

I seem to be getting off on the picture taking lately, huh? Today was an absolutely gorgeous day in LA. The sun was out with a steady 'cool' temp range in the 50's ~~ most definitely on the colder side for us folks out here in California! Me and my friend Mike decided to grab our cameras and take pictures by the cliffs in an area called Palos Verdes. The area is pretty much on the southernmost tip of the LA area and just a short drive from my home and the area beaches. Believe it or not, Los Angeles can be more than a string of highways and bumper-to-bumper traffic. We spent most of the afternoon driving around and enjoying the afternoon. :-)


Alexandra said...

Hi Michael, Your blog is hilarious. And holy cow, you and Veronica scored at Ellen. All that loot and John Hamm and Amanda Peet to boot. Love them.

BTW the pic of you and your mom is adorable.

Thanks for your blogging tips the other day. They worked! - Alixe

ribbiticus said...

cool photos mike! kinda makes me wanna sing along to jason mraz's version of summer breeze...hehehe