On the 7th Day of Christmas.

Well, thats according to what Ellen had in store for us. On Thursday, 12/11, me and Veronica got our invite back to a taping of The Ellen Show in Burbank. If you remember from a little while back, we didn't make it into a full taping of the show. As a result, we won a raffle to come back to one of her 'Twelve Days of Christmas' tapings. JACKPOT! The guests were Amanda Peet and Jon Hamm. Barry Manilow performed! The day's show was sponsored by Sears and this is what we offically  got:
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It was kind of interesting how they handed everything out -- assembly line style when we left the studio.  The big stuff is being sent to me via mail but I did walk away with the rest.  The clothes were like women's size 1 jeans and the watch was a women's diamond watch!  We didn't have a chance to pick and choose anything, but who could complain, right?  It was FREE!!!  Mind you, I walked right on up to the Sears store right by where I work and RETURNED it for store credit.  Honey -- I'm getting me a 32 gig iPod thank you!  LOL.  The gift card I already spent -- on a really nice Citizen divers watch for me.  :-)  After coming home from my vacation to a $1000 car repair bill (ugh -- long story) I thought I deserved something nice for myself.  The other stuff, when I receive it, I'll probably return as well and get Christmas gifts for the family.  (I'm not TOTALLY selfish ya know!)

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travelling, but not in love said...

I hope you kept the tool kit.

I had an experience in DC once with a guy wearing a tool belt. Nothing else, just a tool belt...the good old days of the Wet bar, he he...

Mike said...

OMG -- WET! That's sooo funny. I've ben there, ahem, a few times. Did you know that there was an old law in DC that required 'cabaret performers' to wear at least one form of clothing? for the male dancers ... it was usually a pair of socks, hence the full frontal nudity! Those places are long gone now and have been torn down to make way for new office buildings and the baseball stadium. :-(

eguinan said...

Lucky ducks!