Hey there!  It's podcast update time.  I've got a new mix posted that you can download directly here.  You can also look at the sidebar to the right.

This time around, I went through a little different route.  Consider it an experiment to try to push me out of my 'comfort zone' so to speak.  Past efforts have been more on the vocal side so I decided to play more with beats and overlays of tracks.  Don't get me wrong -- there's some vocals for ya'll here, but not necessarily in the traditional pop song sense. There's a bit of everything in the mix in terms of house genres, too, but I'm going to narrow it down to something like PROG-ACIDIC TRIBAL-TECH. How about that for something made up and pulled out of my @ss ??? Overall, I'm liking how the set flows. It gets sorta wonky at the end, but that's up for you to decide. Let me know what you think.

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