I heart PSB.

On Valentine's Day I put up a post stating I HEART U.  Although I it wasn't really officially dedicated to anyone in particular, I can now say I really HEART PSB.  The Pet Shop Boys, that is.  I've definitely been a fan of theirs from the beginning.  I've only seen them once live and they are amazing!  Can you say, "DRAMA for days?"  Yes honey -- total theater.  Blogger buddy Enda at Daddy or Chips? blog sums it up all quite nicely here.

Last night after 25 years of being in the music business, they get recognized at THE BRIT AWARDS for 'Outstanding Contribution to Music.'  I tried catching the show yesterday while it was being streamed live on the interwebs, but I couldn't connect.  Thank goodness for YouTube!  

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Tagged as 'guilty pleasure'? Wot?!?! :D