Catching up.

I had a day off today. What I should have done is go to the gym and do some laundry. Instead of actually being productive, I did nothing in particular except just catch up on TV shows online. With me and my "exciting" life (not really), I look forward to RuPaul's Drag Race and Dollhouse on a weekly basis. I unfortunately missed them both at their original airings. I did, however, catch the results show of Dancing with the Stars. This is definitely a guilty pleasure. It's kind of amazing how public popularity plays an important role in reality show competitions. Case in point, Steve Wozniak didn't get eliminated again. He had the lowest judges scores but got saved by the call in votes. I guess the geek factor played a big role this week and all of those Mac-heads out there rigged up some robocalls and such to vote him in! j/k.

RuPaul's reality competition show finally end and I was kind of disappointed that Nina Flowers didn't win. I love me some drag queens. Seeing really good drag is a rarity. Seeing FIERCE drag is amazing. Hopefully some of these girls go far.

As for Dollhouse -- the concept is cool. People being reprogrammed (for a price) to be whomever you want them to be. The latest installment sends in an interesting twist where we find out there's an ulterior motive in play instead of fulfilling people's fantasies. I guess my sci-fi geekiness is creeping out. Speaking of ... I forgot about this week's Heroes and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Ugh -- I need to curb my TV habits. ;-)


travelling, but not in love said...

I want to know why the photo of the ketchup is there....he he.

How you doing?

Mike said...

@tbnil - the ketchup bottle is my attempt at 'trying' to be witty ...

ketsup ~~ ketchup = CATCH UP!

(the bottle is a filipino brand [made w/ bananas BTW] so that's supposed to be me) ;-)

on other news -- i'm okay. just trying to figure out my next move in life. it's time honey! lol. i'm LOVING your posts lately. your mother is precious!