Flip mino, please.

I want one!

Flip Mino HD: Box by bfishadow

I've always been sort of a gadget geek over the years. Of course what was shiny and new then, ain't all that now! Can you say mini-disc, 8mm digital video, (non apple) mp3 players, (less than 3-megapixel) digital cameras, palm pilot ... palm pilot phone???!!!??? Nowadays it's just getting too expensive trying to keep up with it all. Although, I didn't step onto the iPhone bandwagon, I did, however, get me an Android G1 Google phone instead. Eyeluvit! The only shortcoming is that video isn't currently an option for it yet. The whole open source programming for the Android platform is just way too over my head. All I know is that people are working on it ... all with appropriate upgrade fees I'm sure!

Anyway, the new hotness for me now is portable video. I used to have a basic digital video camera that had video capability. Although it was small enough to carry around, it was too bulky to fit in your pocket. I noticed that the Flip Mino was kind of the big newish thing over the Christmas holidays. (Blog friend Enda at Daddy or Chips has one and he's posted a few entries with it.) I like the fact that it is small and has all kind of neat options ~~ it's customizable even! The price isn't (too) expensive either . Starting at $179.99 for basic model and $229.99 for an HD version. It's just kind of hard digging into an empty piggy bank if you know what I mean. I'm now taking applications for any/all benefactors. Sorry, no checks but PayPal is accepted. LOL. 


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