Only in NY.

(check out the girl in the green sweater @ 3:08)

Seeing something like this got me reminiscent of when I used to live in New York City. It's hard to believe that was over 10 years ago. Wow, it doesn't feel like it. I used to live right off 143rd and Broadway and would take the 1/9 train down to Columbus Circle. From there I would walk 4 or 5 blocks over to 57th and Madison Avenue to my temp job at the time. Seeing stuff like this was common but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen an actual piano being played down there! How they ever got it down there is a mystery to me. LOL.

(Joe.My.God has been posting a series of videos like these recently. You should check out his blog for his series under the tag BIG APPLE SLICE for some great NYC clips.)


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