"Twouble with Twitter"

You can't deny that Twitter has gotten out of hand REALLY fast recently. All with Ashton Kutcher getting over 1,000,000 followers to Oprah fiddling with her TW*T (or something like that) this week, you can't deny that it's the 'it' thing to do for now. In the past week alone I started following about a dozen new people or things that I found interesting. At first it was with people I actually knew. Now, I follow airlines, dj's, and even The Gap for some reason.   So now I've got Twitter , this blog , and Facebook that I maintain daily.  For now, I'm going to play along.  It's not a problem yet ... I don't think ...

Anyway, this is last (RE)post of other people's stuff tonight. HI-lar-ious!!!!

"You've summoned the FAIL WHALE!" - priceless

(taken from Bon Jour, Pee Wee)

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